Kolton Tebbey

"You need to play to win. But you also have to win to play." -Michael Scott


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. -Milton Berle

Hello! I’m Kolton.

I am an entrepreneur, developer, and manager with over 10 years of experience in areas such as product management, community administration, marketing, development, data analysis, and more. My experience derives from managing large teams with diverse backgrounds and skill sets across communities averaging millions of hits per year. Through serving as Director of Operations, Product Manager, Lead Developer, and more for various projects I have developed a refined skill set allowing me to apply my knowledge and expertise across a variety of industries.

My passion for business and technology started when I was 12, which is when I finally took it upon myself to accomplish something I had always wanted to do – create a website. Over the next several weeks, I taught myself to code by reverse engineering other code that I was able to find. Finally, I felt confident enough in my abilities and launched my first ever website – a general purpose chat forum. Of course, this website failed miserably. However, it awoke a passion in me to continue pursuing new ideas – fueled by the knowledge that each failure brought me one step closer to success.

Today, I have experience managing communities totaling thousands of users and averaging millions of hits each year. With over a billion total hits across the network in my portfolio, I have refined my marketing strategy with a focus on user acquisition and retention whilst prioritizing monetization. I also have experience with product management across several open source software’s that I have worked on or created. From these, I have been able to direct resources from teams and organize them to work towards a single directive in uncertain and competitive environments – valuing success and brand equity at every turn. Additionally, I gained business experience through running my own web hosting company when I believed the competition was not offering enough. While I failed in beating out the competition, I learned valuable segmentation strategies that have driven my future decision making. As I move forward, I am continuing to look for new ways to challenge myself by leveraging my unique background and skill set to bring value to any team I join.

Now, I am a Senior at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. I am currently pursuing a major in Marketing and Information Systems. After graduation, I plan to pursue a Master of Science in Information Systems to further develop my technical background.

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